Damn it game so laggy.

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    Gargozul 1 year ago

    Game need real optimization and have very more bugs, if i jump i can make triple jump or going in space if i run and jump, game have very ping and laggy interface, items very useless (like axe and pickaxe dont working) neo+? What is neo+ game no have online, no one persone, playing in ultra impossible only ultra low, i dont have low end pc, game idea is good but playing is very...very impossble, some crashes from server, some dies in afk from nothing, research generation is...like a hell.

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    Nalem 1 year ago

    Thanks for your review. Know that the game is in pre-alpha and no ads are made to come players to join us, we only allow players to play our game as is, and follow the development / give feedbacks.

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