Devlog #1 - Space Age Update

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    Nalem 4 years ago

    Hello Players !


    The Space Age Update have been delayed, so I inform you about this update, for explain.


    What I do ?

    For the Space age to be playable, we need some features that need other features... etc


    First, we have added some Research to unlock the space Age, like the Orbital Building.

    This building permit you to go to your Planet Orbit, with a simple Rocket.


    You can now build new buildings in your Solar System, make space units, and explore other worlds in this System. That is the base, and you need to go in other Systems to evolve your empire.


    We have decided that you can't quit your Solar System with the Rocket. You need a SpaceShip, and I have to devlop this feature. But, why type of Spaceship I need ?


    I like to build my own SpaceShip, so I making an Ship Editor for that. This take time.

    I want that the Ship System permit players to be in-interior with its character. So the editor need to be capable of making interior/exterior ship, and controlled by player in-game.

    This ship need a new system to travel Large Distance, and I have opted for FTL Jump, and a second, the Hyper Space.

    Also, I have build a Galaxy Map to show all Systems available, and travel to it. Also util for Fleets Orders.


    Oh, yes, Fleet System!

    To control all Ship units, we need a Fleet system to simply order to a group of ships to make actions in the game. We like also that a Fleet need a Captain, and Captain can be obtened by building a Military School on a planet. One military School can be build on a planet, so more fleet you need, more planets you claim.


    You can control theses fleets in your Planet Orbital Station, or Build a custom Spaceship from this station, and control all with it, and explore the universe, make allies, declare war... Or Trade!


    Empire System

    We like to integrate an "Empire System", to permit to have allies, and make some political actions in the game. (Like Stellaris)


    Some Improvements / Refit

    This update has needed some improvements, changes, fixes...

    Like the AI System that is not efficient outside a planet, I have make a fully new Units system that constantly analyse the space to find path. This system is compatible for Planets or Space.

    Also with this system, loading time for Planets has been reducced.

    Also make some fixes, and changed the Camera system (yesss)


    Claim Planets / Systems

    You can now claim Planets or a System with a building For planets, make a Flag. For Systems, make a Station.

    When you claim a zone, other players can't build in this zone.



    That's all for now, thanks for reading and don't hesitate to make suggestions ;)

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