Devlog #2 - 1.23 Planet Update ...

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    Yevons 3 years ago


    Small Devlog to keep you informed of the progress of the next update.

    This was a bit late compared to our forecasts so we will explain to you what it will contain.

    So here's for the big changes:



    Universe update

    From now on there will be no more loads in game for entering or leaving a planet, this one being directly contained in the sectors.


    It takes a long time for us to re-adapt several parts of the game code. It was mainly this change that delayed us.


    All the current planets will no longer be available after the update but we will keep all the entities in the VOID (in the database) so that there is no impact on your resources.


    New age in anticipation

    We are also preparing a new age that will follow the advanced age.

    This one will be based on a sort of collective consciousness of your people, so we are reworking the way to play for this era. Our goal is for the player to "feel" in a kind of network, so that there are no longer the "normal" constraints such as homework to walk ... Since the player can simply cross the network and get to 'a "Hummanoid Host" to another, or any other entity / building that can accommodate a consciousness.

    With this new playable age, we want to change the way we play so as not to create a too repetitive circle.

    There will still be the option for the player to be a normal playable entity in order to control player ships. This new unlockable age will therefore also give new models for building player ships, as in each age, as well as its own models of buildings etc ... (All this is already ready)


    Here are the two big points that have slowed down updates to the game, but we are actively working to release this update late next week. (as of today: 11/05/2020)


    Thanks for your patience and for you reading, but more so, thanks for playing NEO :)

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