[UPDATED] Devlog #3 - 1.26 to 1.30

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    Nalem 3 years ago

    Hello players !


    Sorry for the long time since the last update. I will list you all task that responsible for this long waiting time, and I'm very HAPPY to work on it to improve the game experience !

    The plan is to higly improve the game and remove network lags.


    I'm currently working on:


    • [x] Moving from Unet to Mirror with KCP (for highly improve network performance +++, but cause some work)
    • [x] Updating our old MasterServer system to a new system (for .net 4.0 compatibility, that permit to use mirror for the networking. That take very long time)
    • [x] True spherical world! Simply True Planets! (need some change to the building system etc... Take some time)
    • [x] New galaxy pattern generation (A true pattern!)
    • [x] Fully new control in all direction (character, vehicle, spaceship)
    • [x] New Camera system (for third person view)
    • [x] Re-adapt the build system
    • [x] Re-adapt AI system



    • [] A true galaxy map (inspired from avorion)
    • [] Improve server performance by optimizing build process to not include some assets causing some ressources usage



    • [] New resources (textile, fiber, and a money (not named yet))
    • [] Separate resource per planet (with hability to use resource from opened stargate)
    • [] Per-planet type resource (eg: no woods in lava or rock planet)
    • [] Exchange system to automate resource exchange between your planets
    • [] Inventory for cities to withdraw/send resource to a city from your inventory
    • [] Add electric pole system to connect electricity with buildings



    • [] Rework spaceship control with Captain Chair (to control in third person the ship)
    • [] New game phase (microorganism, creature, tribute) before the Medieval age



    • [] Planetary satellite (like moon), Nebula, Asteroid field, Asteroid belt, and other decorative effects in space)
    • [] Blackhole in void sector (with a percent chance to appear)
    • [] Natural Whormole to travel long distance (appear in the galaxy)


    This list can be updated/reworked in another order, this is the idea for now.

    All of these changes cause a lot of other changes... :D

    Also, you need to know that theses changes cause a Universe Reset in the v1.26 update.


    Thanks for folllowing us,



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    Nalem 2 years ago

    Updated tasks with [x] when done

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    Nalem 2 years ago

    Updated tasks grouped by desired release version

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    Nalem 2 years ago


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    Nalem 2 years ago

    Updated tasks 1.26

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    Nalem 2 years ago


    • [In progress/50%] Re-adapt AI system
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    Nalem 2 years ago

    [x] Re-adapt AI system

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    Nalem 2 years ago

    1.26 update ready after small internal test :)

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    Nalem 2 years ago

    Release 1.26 soon !

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