Devlog #4 - 1.27.0

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    Nalem 1 year ago

    Update: Current state of the 1.27.0


    Main features:

    - A true galaxy map :white_check_mark: 

    - Rework spaceship control with Captain Chair :white_check_mark: 

    - Hide locked research from the list :white_check_mark:  (needed for future release, for new race feature)

    - Rework Model / DB accessor in async manner to improve server performance :white_check_mark:  (All done, highly improving performance)

    - Global client/server performance improvement :white_check_mark: 

    - Spaceship order system with Galaxy Map :hourglass: 


    Also made a bunch of fixes who are reported or I have seen.


    The galaxy map allow you to see all the universe without be limited by 50 sectors around you.

    The map is procedurally loaded/unloaded depending of the current window view position/zoom. Buttons allow you to directly go to a specific sector, go back to your current sector view. Also you can view and manage Spaceship orders and see its positions in the universe.


    The current work is on Spaceship system. I have reworked the manner to control Spaceship to can use Captain chair to pilot the ship like others vehicles. I need to finish fixing small bugs with Spaceship before continue the Order system feature. The order system permit to send distant orders to Spaceship via GalaxyMap, or directly in the Spaceship.


    A window allow you to add some orders (option repeatable or not to do in while (per order), and some options depending of the order type)


    The order system can also be used if the Spaceship is in an unloaded sector. Sectors will be automatically loaded if a Spaceship have orders that need it.


    Thanks for reading, see you soon :)

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