1.20.0 - Sector System - Block Construction - Jumpgate - Big changes and Additions !

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    Nalem 1 year ago

    Hello players !

    We are Back for a Big Update ! You want to freely go to other sectors of the universe ? Inter in a planet or Exit it with a Flying Vehicle ? Now, you Can!



    New Sector system

    Now the universe is some Sector box, that allow you and your Units to go anywhere in the Universe without the need to use a Space Ship to jump.

    Also all units or Vehicle can now go to Space or land on a Planet! 

    Simply move to the edge of a sector to be teleported to the next! You can order your Units from a Planet to "Go Orbit" (only if units can fly to orbit)


    In space you can now build a Jumpgate allowing you or your Units to Jump to 50 LY of the current sector. The direction is defined by the Jumpgate rotation. Also, build a Jump Jammer to prevent enemies to Jump in your sector.


    A new Galaxy map permit you to see 50 Sectors around you.



    Build like Minecraft !

    In first person simply craft new Block that are available, and Extend you Cities with decorations fully built by you! This feature has only decorative purpose. You are Free to use IT !



    Disable Buildings / Units UI

    You have build a building who consume a lot of precious ressources? Disable it!

    Now you can disable all buildings in the game to prevent ressources consuption.


    Also added some Infos in Popup for all Units to see stats. (Speed, damage, view distance.. and other)

    And you can Now see the percent of a Under Construction building in the building Menu, and Destroy it when under construction.



    New Ressources / Research / Buildings

    We have added new Ressources that can be researched, like Ice, Mineral, Plastic, Electronic Part, Network...

    Warning: When returning to the game with these new features, build new Buildings to produce Plastic and Electronic part that is now Required for some old buildings.



    New Units / Vehicle / MECHA

    We have also added some new Units, Buildings and Vehicle, I let you see in-game!

    Some vehicle can now Fly / Hover.

    Warning: Mecha is not fully implemented. No animations is present in this update.



    Thanks for reading. This not all, if you want to see small addition/changes, pleasee read the Full changelof above :)

    Thanks to all players reporting bugs, or sending Ideas!

    I'm really Happy to see all Feedback!





    Full Changelog

    + Added Sector system to Space to move Freely to each sectors on an infinite universe

      Now sector is Chunked and you can travel to anywhere in the universe by moving in any direction. No need to Jump to change Solar System ! Units can also move freely!

    + Added can go Orbit by Flying up on a Planet

    + Added can enter in a Planet on traversing it

    + Added player can Fly in Space

    + Added Entities / Space Ship can now go to Space / to Planet like a player!

    + Added new Order to units "Go Orbit"

    + Added changing scene (sector/planet/stargate) when controlling an entity teleport the player in it on the new scene

    + Added now some Units can Really fly / hover ! A new Key is available in your Setting menu. Player can also Fly up/down when controlling a Flying entity.

    + Added new  Construction system like Minecraft in first person, some Blocks are available. Only for decoratio npurpose.

    + Added new Ressources Ice, Mineral, Medic, Plastic, Electronic Part

    + Added Research and Building for: Network, Rocket Shipyard, Plastic Factory, Electronic Factory,  Mineral Mine, Ice mine,

    + Added can completely Disable buildings to prevent

    + Added the Transporter unit to the Space Shipyard

    + Added Modern and Futur Sidewalk ground

    + Added SOME new Vehicles / Units

    + Added a Jumpgate can be build on Space to allow Units to go out (50  LY). The direction is defined by its orientation.

    + Added a Jump Jammer building to prevent enemy Jump out in Space

    + Added Future Meteorological Center with new info, the current atmosphere density

    + Added new Future Laboratory more efficient

    + Added all informations on every Units in the Units Maker menu. (Speed, damage, view distance can fly... etc)

    + Added new units Mecha and researchs/buildings for each

    + Added the progress of a building under construction on the Building Menu UI

    + New Galaxy Map to fit with Sector system



    * Can now view Building Menu when under construction

    * Can now destroy a building who is under construction

    * Improved texture for Modern ship units

    * Improved player weapon Targeting

    * Now, (Un)Anchor your Mouse with LeftControl key

    * Added some units/buildings use now new ressources

    * Re-ordered all researchs

    * Improved Ressources updater to check Planet type per entity for Bonus/Malus. Before, Planet Bonus/Malus will be active only on the current planet you are

    * Improved Dirt ground

    * Improved Room loading



    * Fixed entering in a vehicle don"t hide player for other players

    * Fixed Future garbage has no collider

    * Fixed player Jump gravity bug

    * Fixed all animals Variant not spawning

    * Fixed can build more than one Laboratory on a scene.

    * Fixed small UI bugs or changed to fit with Sector System

    * Fixed Medieval Library preview image

    * Fixed flying units has no collider

    * Fixed whenr eturning to the game if the ship has moved ti another scene, I'm not teleported to it

    * Fixed Textures bug causing KeyNotFoundError and other issues

    * Fixes on Researchs can't be unlock

    * Fixed lunar vehicle Scale


    * Fixed entity not take damage from Toxic atmosphere if you don't have a Meteorological center

    * Some other small fixes



    - Removed auto sidewalk to buildings

    - Removed Menu to enter in a Planet.

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