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    Nalem 2 years ago

    Hello Players =)

    Happy to see you today!


    Added NEO+ Subscription system

    We have decided to add a Subscription system to support us. Is fully optional but give access to the new "Advanced Age" (See below) and small other Advantage. All information is available In game or on your Website. Thanks to All who want to support us with it!

    The price start at 3.49€/month, and grow when the game is more evolved.


    Added new Era "Advanced Age"

    New era is available to play! You can unlock new Resource like Naniteterraform Planet like you want with the Advanced Meteorological Center , and unlock some New Advanced Buildings, Units and Researchs!

    We can't list all here :)


    New Meteorological Center Feature

    With the Future Meteorological Center, you can now see the current Planet atmosphere and the Planet type based on a Progress bar.




    Also with the new Advanced Meteorological Center, you can directly Define a desired State and the building auto-adapt pollution to it!




    SpaceShip "Auto-Fire" and Jump

    Yesss Now you can enable "Auto-Fire" on your Spaceship, and All turret installed will Fire on your enemies Automatically!

    This can be Enabled/Disabled like you want on the Weapon Console.

    The Jump now is limited to 50 Sectors per jump. But the Charge time are reduced to 10s (100s before). Also the Warp speed has been reduced to 50 LY/s (before 100 LY/s). Also fixed bugs with Warp.


    This is the end. 

    We have also do some Fixes, Balances and Improvement.


    Thanks for following us, and for your Feedback ! :-)

    See you Soon !




    Full Changelog

    + Added new Era Advanced Age (with there Buildings, Researchs, and Units)

    + New Future and Advanced Meteo center feature. Can show the progress of the current pollution in the Future, and can Define a desired pollution on  Advanced building.

    + Added all new Advanced building and Units


    + Added Advanced Villagers models


    + Added can enable "Auto Fire" Feature on Space ship.

    + Added NEO+ Subscription system with Advantage for supporting us

    + Added NEO+ Users can do 3 researchs at a time, earn +20% resources, and can use some locked Research or Buildings (Advanced for now). You can continue to use NEO+ buildings after the end of your subscription, but you can't build new.

    + Added new Construction Block to build in first person

    + Added Work in progress Cloacker Generator for Space Ship. You can place it now on your design, and use it on the next update :)

    + Added Spaceship auto land on planet if no Crews was aboard


    * Changed Orbital Military Center to Decoration (Deprecated due to the new Universe Update)

    * Changed Warp speed to 50 LY/s

    * Changed Jump distance limit to 50 LY

    * Reduced Jump charge to 10s (100s before)

    * Change build cost of Jump/Warp

    * Now Church produce Medics (not so much)

    * Improved Ressources Orders in Menu

    * Rebalanced Windturbine pollution

    * Reduced time to construct EarthShipyard


    * Fixed Preview and Selection for Futur Turret

    * Fixed research Medieval Turret

    * Fixed Warhouse typo to Warehouse

    * Fixed player not teleported when is in wrong scene of the controlled sship

    * Fixed ship warp issue

    * Fixed player not die when undermap

    * Fixed Antimatter production building not selectable

    * Fixed Flag can't show renamed zone / Permissions

    * Fixed Outpost bug in Void sector

    * Some Fixes on SpaceShip / Vehicle

    * Other small fixes


    - Removed Development Mode (to remove the Dev Console). you can see a Console logs with F1

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