1.22.0 - Stability, new AI, Gameplay Improvements and Lots of Fixes

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    Nalem 3 years ago

    Hello players!


    Happy to see you Today and share you this Release. We have worked on Stability and Bugs fixes. Also improved Gameplay, rebalanced some stats.


    New AI / Villagers Fixe

    Now you have Intelligent AI that don't move on a wall. The new Pathfinding system take care of all obstacle due to Terrain or Buildings.

    AI define a Path to avoid all obstacle.

    Also, now Villagers have now Animations and can move freely in your City.


    Improved Gameplay Change in NEO+

    We have Discussed with the community on Discord to improve the gameplay, thanks for your Feedback that be very Helpful!

    Now, NEO+ don't limit any Gameplay feature, the Advanced Age is now available to all players. NEO+ permit to have some Decorative Buildings, and Advanced Meteorological center, and Jumpgate.

    We have also rebalanced All Buildings / Researchs Cost / Use / Time. All stats have changed.

    Limit Buildings Quantity

    To add more interest in space exploration, we have added a Limit system. Now you are Limited to build some N Buildings We have also do this in the past, with Laboratory and Flag that you can only build one of that. Now, some Buildings have a N limit.

    Units / Command Point system

    You now Need Command Point to recruit units. You can recruit more units than your Command Points, but when doing this you take a Big Mood Malus. This malus depend of the diff with Units / Command points numbers.

    Also, now Units orders buttons is Hidden when no selected units can do an order.


    Optimizations / Improvement

    Waiting for your Resource to be updated is very long. So we have changed the system and Now it is Multi-Threaded to not cost performance on the Main thread, and is updated more frequently !

    We have also do Fixes and Improvement on Space Ship / Sectors bounds. Some bugs has been reported in the last release, and we have worked to fixe all in there!


    And, do some change in Mood calculation, Homeless and Immigration.


    Waypoint System

    Now, like Stargate favorite, you can now add Sectors in Favorite on the menu.

    Also, Sectors in favorite can be "Marked" to add a Waypoint on your HUD to see where you want to go. You can Enable/Disable any Waypoints Sectors that is in your Favorites.


    Ship Editor

    You can now see your Ship Total Cost directly in the editor. Yes!

    Also we have added Tooltip to see some Stats info on all Ship parts.

    Is not all, we have added new All Advanced Ship Parts! And you now have Defaults Design made by Yevons.


    Food Item

    Tired to go in a farm to eat ? You can now directly Craft Food's in your inventory. Also, added a Medicinal Herb that can heal you a little bit.

    More will be added later :)


    That all, you can read the Full Changelog above.

    Thanks for Playing, and have a good day!


    See you soon! Regards



    Full Changelog 

    + Fully New AI System. You now have intelligent AI that search the right path to go at its destination.

    + Added Limit system to all Buildings. You can now place a limited number of Buildings par planet/sector

    + Added Command Point system for Units limit. You now need Command point to have Units without Mood Malus. Flag and Outpost give you some Command Poinnts.

    + Added Hide Orders button when unit can't do that order

    + Added Resource Updater Multi-Threaded (No more lag updating your resource / waiting time / freeze.

    + Added all new Advanced Ship Parts

    + Added Button to show Ship Total cost in the Ship Editor

    + Added Tooltip on Ship Editor to see all Parts Stats / Cost

    + Added Favorite Sectors markers

    + Added new Waypoint System. You can Show/Hide your Waypoints from the Favorite Sectors.

    + Added new Food Item (and added Carotte and a Medicinal Herb)

    + Added Advanced player weapon

    + Added prevent switching view when on UI element or writing in chat

    + Added automatic UnAnchor mouse when raycast UI element (in first person view)

    + Added Citizens can imigrate if <= 50% Homeless

    + Added can open Space Ship Door of Allies

    + Added Pirate Station can spawn on Void Sectors (and she can call Drone allies)

    + Added Default Ship Design to the game

    + Added Space Ship state saved to DB and loaded automatically on (re)spawn (Speed, Shield On/Off, Weapons On/Off, Weapons Auto Fire On/Off, Boosts...)

    + Added Flying vehicle set its desired height to Y:0 in Space


    * Reworked Main UI to add more Player Stats

    * Rebalanced All Cost/Use/Time of all Buildings/Researchs and Ship Parts

    * Improved AI can Only Fire when its Target is in this direct view (no wall or anything)

    * Improved Environment Density based on your Quality Setting

    * Improved Mood calculation logic

    * Improvement on Units logic

    * Changed How villagers search Path on Road

    * Reduced Space Ship max Health multiplier from mass*100 to mass*1

    * Changed all Ship parts Mass

    * NEO+ is now required for some Decorative buildings, ans for Advanced Meteo Center and Jumpgate


    * Fixed all animals variant don't spawn

    * Fixed Villagers has no animations, and can't move

    * Fixed Health/Hunger clamped to 100 on (re)spawn some time

    * Fixed and Improved stability with Ship / Sectorss bound / Jumpgate

    * Fixes on Future Ship Parts

    * Fixed player can be teleported back to their controlled entity when respawn after killed

    * Fixed bugs traversing Sectors with Space Ship

    * Fixed Mood can go < 0%

    * Fixed Fighter cause error log due to mesh not readable

    * Fixed Units not counted in Stats

    * Fixed Space Ship not detaching player from it

    * Fixed block placing cause placing 1/2 due tu latency and cooldown

    * Fixed some Text colorization that is wrong

    * Fixed Sector bound teleport entities in wrong destination

    * Fixed Jumpgate teleport entities in wrong destination

    * Fixed player is Teleported in Wrong scene when controlling an entity some time

    * Fixed Warp/Jump teleportation for NPC in ship

    * Fixed player can be Teleported in Planet 0

    * Fixed some player Weapons name is Franglais

    * Fixed Riding research typo

    * Fixed NEO+ Icon position on Buildings list

    * Fixed NEO+ Icon appear on Units list (but is not NEO+ limited)

    * Fixed an error can appear when placing a building if it check for collision and this collider is destroyed

    * Fixed can't press Enter to login

    * Lots of small fixes


    * Removed that Advanced Age require NEO+

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