1.23 - Universe Update, Collective Age, Game Visual !

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    Nalem 3 years ago

    [Fixe 1.23.4]

    * Fixed Light not sufficient in Night

    * Fixed passing a Stargate with a vehicle stuck player in sector 0 0  0

    * Fixed passing Stargate teleport to wrong planet

    * Fixed some entities not visible some time

    * Improved Light and Added Player Light

    * Fixed if player load a planet, it will be loaded for all player in the same sector

    * Fixed Time start at Night all time on login

    * Fixed server-side small issues


    Hello Players !


    Happy to release now this Update! Sorry for the Time to release it, but the change made in the game have needed some Rework.

    Let's Go!


    Universe update

    From now on there will be no more loads in game for entering or leaving a planet, this one being directly contained in the sectors.

    All the current planets will no longer be available after the update but we will keep all the entities in the VOID (in the database) so that there is no impact on your resources.

    Now, you can simply enter/exit a planet with your character, or with a vehicle for the Planet to Load. Terrain and Entities start loading, and when no players is on a planet, it will be unloaded after small time.

    The only Loading Time now is when changing sector. Warning, now some entities can Die in space.


    New Collective Age

    We are also added a new Age, the Collective Age.

    This Age differ from the other. We're stoped repeating the cycle and recreating all buildings. Now this Age only add new Features.

    When researched, you can Upload your Consciousness to a Distant entity. That cost Network resource based on the Distance.

    See the Units Management Panel In-Game.



    We're also do some Rework and Improvement to the game.

    The big one, we have added a Post Processing to improve the global game visual. I let you see that!



    Read the full changelog above to know all.

    Thanks for Playing and Reading!




    Full Changelog

    + Added new Planet System, directly contained in Sectors. No more load time to enter in a planet.

    + Added new Collective Age (Buildings, Researchs, Feature, Ship Parts, and Blocks)

    + Added new Evolued Nanite Ressource

    + Added system to Upload your Consciousness to distant entity with the Collective Age

    + Added Advanced Captain Chair ship part

    + Added Advanced Nanite New Generation and Advanced Nanite Spawner

    + Added Post Processing to improve the global Game Visual

    + Added Modern, Future and Advanced Capitol Building

    + Added Visibility system based on distance of player. Not all entities will be sync to the player now.

    + Added some Popup Text when Learning Researchs

    + Added now Some entities Die in Space

    + Added Units Management Panel


    * Improved Some Visual Effects

    * Improved Pathfinder detection


    * Fixed some Researchs

    * Fixed Timeout when connecting some time

    * Fixed scale of Advanced Buildings

    * Fixed Colliders on Advanced Road

    * Some fixes on SpaceShip Parts

    * Fixed player not removed some time, causing some clone is on the scene

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