1.24.0 - Skins, Animations, Lots of Fixes

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    Nalem 3 years ago

    Hello players !


    This week we have very worked on debugging and improving Units Logic.  Not all, also worked on Fixes and Stability.

    Lets go write the Changelog!


    Added Skin Customization

    You can now choose a Skin and define a Color palette to have a personalized avatar!

    The Customization UI is automatically show the first time, and next you can access to the editor with a Button in the Left Menu ingame.

    Some skins can be unlocked when you forward on your Researchs. Also, NEO+ permit to unlock VIP Skins!


    Animations and Effects

    We have added Animations to Flying units, when rotate left, right, forward... etc!

    We have also reworked some Units Effects when Damaged or On Fire.


    Units Balance

    We have changed some Stats to some Units to rebalance Damage, Health, Speed... Etc!


    French Translation

    We have added all Buildings and Resource Translations !


    Lots of Fixes

    You can read all the Fixes above.


    Thanks for Playing, and have a good Day!





    + Added Skin Customization and Color

    + Added some Skins for all Era

    + Added NEO+ Skins

    + Added player controlling a vehicle now follow rotation camera

    + Added Animation when Rotating with some Flying Units

    + Added All Resource Translations

    + Added All Buildings Translations


    * Change some House food cost

    * Change some Combat Stats of Units (damage, attack distance, health...)

    * Improved Units Attack Logic

    * Changed Rotation speed for some Vehicle


    * Fixed passing Stargate when controlling a vehicle can't teleport if planet is in the same sector

    * Fixed can open a second a Stargate when not enough resource

    * Fixed Units Management Panel UI not enough sized

    * Fixed when controlling a vehicle who die, player can not be correctly detached server-side

    * Some fixes on Units and Turrets

    * Fixed some units bugs

    * Fixed units don't lost target when too far

    * Fixed units don't get correctly its target some time

    * Fixed units not attacking

    * Fixed some Units Effects

    * Fixed can overwrite flag permission when replacing a building

    * Fixed wrong calculation on Buildings Limits

    * Fixed bugs when using StarGate

    * Fixed Terrain not Refit surface when entities is already loaded server-side but not the terrain

    * Fixed Production Network Future to 25

    * Fixed some buildings not in the correct category

    * Fixed Nuclear generator not need water

    * Fixed Space Buildings not spawning

    * Fixed Advanced Wall Drag Grid Size

    * Fixed Outpost not have correct resource cost

    * Fixed Planet Effect continue playing after exiting a planet

    * Fixed Not correctly respawn on Planet on Login

    * Fixed don't respawn near the Stargate when passing portal

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