1.25.0 - Diplomacy Exchange and Fixes !

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    Nalem 3 years ago

    Hello Players !

    Happy to see you Today ! Lets Go! :)


    Diplomacy Exchange

    You can now use a new Menu to trade with other Empires !

    Send Resources, Planets, Systems, Units.... Or Request it to another player!

    When sent, the other player need to Accept or Decline the offer. When accepted, each part receive the offer after the indicated Travel Time.

    I let you test directly ingame !



    That all for today, this system are take me some time.

    Thanks for Playing, and have a good evening !




    Full Changelog

    + Added Diplomacy Exchange System.

    + Added Translated all Category Building

    + Added Units storage system for Diplomacy Exchange


    * Changed Empire list ordered by last online now


    * Fixed Favorite Stargate/Sector not working

    * Fixed font size of Stats UI cause can't see some text when too long

    * Fixed Empire list scroll view not dynamic

    * Fixed Units Management scroll view size (now dynamic)

    * Fixed planet not loading after an unload some time

    * Fixed Meteo Center "already cached" error

    * Fixed Some translations missing on the last update

    * Fixed "Collection was modified" Error on SpaceShip when CheckCrewIsHere


    - Removed Units debug logs

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