1.25.1 - Bugs Fixes

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    Nalem 2 years ago

    Hello Players!


    A small update to fixe some small issue and improve stability.

    Thanks for Playing !





    Full Changelog

    + Added clickable UI Notif for Diplomacy Offers in top-right

    + Added Sector Indication near Minimap

    + Added Auto-Refresh Menu of Selected Building


    * Augmented UI size of the Favorite Coords menu


    * Fixed Wrong calculation for Diplomacy Offers "Needed Storage" when requesting resource

    * Fixed Turret not attacking

    * Fixed Sun cause some visible issue

    * Fixed all StarGate issues. Caused by when sector load, it use only the first stargate that spawn. Causing some issues: Unusable stargate, distance wrong calculation...

    * Fixed planet not load after an unload

    * Fixed all units is saved in sector 0  0 0

    * Fixed SpaceShip Consoles and Doors Unusable

    * Small UI's Fixes


    - Removed Random Drone Spawner in Sectors

    - Removed WaveSpawner near Sun's

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