1.25.2 - Stability and Fixes

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    Nalem 1 year ago

    Hello players !


    An update to improve Stability and fixe some bugs.

    Also, the game in on Sale for the Itch.io Winter Sale 2020 !


    Thanks for playing, and have a good day!




    Full Changelog

    + Added Auto-Respawn when no Spawnpoint are available.

    + Added CheckUnderMap for when under the planet terrain

    + Added Popup info when connection lost


    * Changed Immigration base value from 5 to 3% chance

    * Redduced allow immigration when have less than 50 to 35% Homless

    * Optimization on Resource Updater

    * Optimization on all Entities logic interval

    * Optimization on Units logic interval

    * Optimization on Check Climate and Environment change

    * Optimization on Update Player Stats

    * Optimization on Network Send Resoruce List

    * Optimization on Villagers logic interval


    * Fixed an error with SpaceShip weapon Auto-Fire

    * Fixed missing script on Modern Sidewalk 2x2

    * Fixed when planet unload when controlling an entity, the entity controlled despawn

    * Fixed player not correctly saved when left the game

    * Fixed bug causing can't respawn after dead.

    * Fixed bug on listing respawn points

    * Fixed bugs with dynamic building menu refresh (Issue with Capitol Input Field, Units Maker menu duplucation)

    * Fixed SpaceShip Door not openable

    * Fixed bug No Default Respawn Point

    * Fixed Fav Coords Menu content size not fit

    * Fixed Allien,Animal and NPC not spawning

    * Fixed issue with diplomacy offers

    * Others small fixes

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