1.26 - Spherical Planet and True Galaxy !

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    Nalem 2 years ago

    Hello players ! 

    Verry happy to announce you after a year, that the 1.26 update is released!

    This update has caused a lot of work, I can't list all tasks that be done but here is the main big changes.





    Firstly, we a moved our Networking system to a more stable and maintenable system.

    This change has caused a lot fo work but is necessary for the future of the game.




    Moved from flatten world to real Spherical World !

    The main change is here. We have reworked all the game to fit with this new system and we are verry happy of the result.

    If you see bugs or you encounter problems, please report it on our bug-tracker :  https://git.orion-serv.fr/Neo/bug-tracker


    New galaxy pattern

    We have also reworked the Galaxy generation to have a true pattern. Simply true pattern :)




    New player/vehicle control

    You can now pilot and move in all direction/rotation available :) You are not limited to a 2D movement.

    Also, we have changed some thing on the thrid person camera, like removed smooth movement.

    We have added a velocity system to vehicle movement to be more realistic.



    Thats all, for the big changes. We have also do some fixes that don't be listed and probably added new bugs.

    Please report any issue on our new bug-tracker available at :  https://git.orion-serv.fr/Neo/bug-tracker


    Thanks for your patience and your Trust!

    We are back, and Ready for the next !




    Thanks for playing and See you soon,





    (not) Full Changelog

    + Moving from Unet to Mirror with KCP

    + Updated our old MasterServer system to a new system

    + New spherical planets

    + New galaxy pattern generation (true pattern)

    + New vehicle control in all direction

    + New spaceship control in all direction

    + Vehicle now move with velocity

    + Improved player camera in third view

    + New networking system (new Master server system and new game-networking scene system for highly improving performances)

    + Improved respawn logic to respawn correctly in planet/stargate/cloner/orbit

    + Fixe #27 placement glitch 

    + Fixe road detection 

    + Fixe camera too zoomed 

    + Fixe jump

    + Fixe planet visual glitch

    + Fixe #23 : storage buildings value reset

    + Fixe #8 : Re-adapt AI system using old system to work with Planets

    + Removed unnecessary files

    + Fixed villager script using own system simple to explore

    + Fixed: Player always respawn in sun or not in good place

    + Fixe Neo/bug-tracker#2 : No units appear in all "Units maker" buildings list

    + Removed unnecessary demo files

    + Some other works that can't be listed to re-adapt the game with all these features. :)

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