1.27 - Galaxy map, Spaceships orders, and more...

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    Nalem 1 year ago

    Hello players,

    verry happy to announce you that the 1.27 release is out !


    What's new ?

    The main new features are the new Galaxy map, new controls of Spaceship, and Spaceship Orders.


    Galaxy Map

    With the old Galaxy map, you can see 50 sectors around you, but nothing more.

    With our new Galaxy map, you can see the full galaxy without be limited by the distance. No network ressources are used because the map is loaded based on our galaxy seed generation.


    You can open the galaxy map with the 'M' key.

    Click to any sector to select it, or press arrow keys to move. You can use CTRL+arrow keys to move by 10 sector, SHIFT to move by 100 sectors, or CTRL+SHIFT+arrow keys to move by 1000 sectors.


    We have also added buttons in the top right to Go To any sector by entering its coordinate. You can also "Go to current" to select back your current sector, or "Set Destination" to add a waypoint to this sector.


    You can also see a list fo all your Spaceship to open Order menu (see above)


    new Spaceship Controls

    You can now control your Spaceships directly like any others vehicle when sit on the Captain Chair.

    Use your move keys to move the ship (defined in your settings) directly! (You can continue controling it with Screens consoles also)



    Spaceship Orders

    You can open the Order panel in the galaxy map, or when on a Captain chair.

    You can add as many orders as you wan't, pause one-by-one at any time, set one orders in repeat mode, or all if you want.


    Some orders are do when your offline :

    - Move to sector

    - Attack sector


    The sector is automatically loaded if you have theses orders.

    All orders:

    - Move to sector

    - Defend sector

    - Attack sector

    - Orbit planet

    - Land on planet

    - Wait a duration time


    Reminder that each orders can be set as One-time order, or Repeat mode to do each in while.



    Spaceship name

    You can now define a Name for your spaceships on the Captain chair.


    Networked players light

    Now you can see each players light when set ON. Also we have changed the "area light" to a "directionnal light". Light ON/OFF is sync over the network.


    Colored markers

    Now, when set marker on the Galaxy map it have a Cyan color. When set marker via Fav Menu, his color is Yellow. The color is always Grey for sectors waypoints.


    Minimap is back !

    We have repaired the minimap and it is working



    Its all for the main features of the 1.27. We have also made a bunch of bugs fixes and lot of improvements, you can see all changelog above.


    Full changelog

    • Close #35 hide locked researchs from the list #35
    • close #40 #40
    • Clean unused files + Editors script (change version) + Small fixes 164a53d
    • WIP Spaceship orders. Finished server-side logic orders. Added UI orders panel + logic f7a7e8a
    • Added tools button in GalaxyMap to goto sector, or go to current sector be7ad1c
    • Reworked the map, not request 50 sectors around from the server. Now the map is procedurally loaded based on camera view, and unload unecessary sectors from the view if not in view frustum. Galaxy map is loaded procedurally based on galaxy seed, no data from the servers is used. ab6b8ff
    • Added can add shipName on Captian UI 2a2473c
    • Hidden not-related options in EntityProperties Editor window, depending on Entity Type 6bb21ef
    • Spaceship: Prevent spaceship from passing sector bound when warping + Set crews rotation to ship UP rotation + Some fixes 2b8827b
    • Improived global performances by using threaded pool on some scripts + Fixed fav coords UI display form size and position 3c23c8c
    • Add spaceship list in Galaxymap to open Order UI for each on click d89e8e1
    • Only build server code needed (if IS_SERVER on build) + Fixe network compile errors + Add command/target RPC for add/replace/remove orders and list spaceships be77076
    • Add button in captain UI to open Order panel a696fd8
    • Reworked Diplomacy model accessor bce840e
    • Reworked UI orders and fixes 258c08e
    • Small UI fixes 0828c4d
    • Rework Models to derive from ModelBase. Added static methods helper for Find, FindOne, Save, Delete. Added data mangement for Entity model (GetData, SetData). Improved entities loading and fixed bugs bc75aa1
    • Reworked model accessor for Entities 16684f9
    • small fixes and rework 225a3ea
    • Create PlayerStats model and rework Controllers to use it 2d0c142
    • Reworked Entity, Planet, Ship db accessor 1126795
    • Fixe some bugs related to Spaceship orders b90dd4a
    • Improved galaxy map UI 6d595a9
    • Added ShipOrder model + Added scene preventing to stop with queued GameObjects + Added auto spawn scene on master server start when Spaceship is awaiting orders 9d748c2
    • Fixed light ON/OFF when typing in chat afcad48
    • Feature: Reworked spaceship control in third person view. #17 533ed81
    • Small Galaxy map UI change 3cc19cd
    • Add preview image texture when generated on GUI Editor EntityProperties 4ae35ab
    • Add button Set marker in Galaxy Map 808b487
    • Some fixes on UI ship orders f901090
    • Added System model and reworked controllers to use it 1b19317
    • Fixed SpaceShip: issue with not attaching crews to it. 615a29e
    • Fixes research give command with specific lebel + Add notif error when error occure server-side on learning research 99bdfff
    • Fixed bugs with Models + Rework on QuickBuilder script to build game on Jenkins 9bb4215
    • WIP reworked db/model accessor 36e2f77
    • Create Research model and rework Controllers to use it 53d13ab
    • Add ability to add colored waypoint 9098e4a
    • Fixe and improvement on Stargate 08f9af4
    • Improved usage of Food building e8a56b0
    • Fixed sun Yellow texture 037150d
    • Create Resource model and rework Controllers to use it 63dcf41
    • Fixe on EntityProperties GUI editor + Prevent from Prefab name field to be edited. It is automatically updated to be the prefab name (else that can cause issue) 4007479
    • Order queue logic bf9bdcb
    • Create network reader/writer for Entity model class 65e7485
    • Added spaceship roll left/right 565ff60
    • wip fixe issue moving to correct position, cannot set shipname on captain ui, fixe passing sector bound 12dd198
    • forloop improvement cc9c88f
    • Fixed Neo/bug-tracker#4 Textile and Fiber not researchable 0b5a2b4
    • Fixed issue and improvement on Meteo system 4962c33
    • Fixe: Add order: When select orbit/land on planet, list planets for available target sector dpending on previous orders. Apply it a9262c3
    • Global improvement db5bb32
    • Fixed showing prefix for staff in chat 64cb926
    • fixe on map 4f7143d
    • Created network reader/writer for ShipOrder class 13b8bb1
    • Fixed Textile fabric and Fiver harvest : No mesh collider 307b71d
    • Fixed when contolling captain chair can be unmounted due to consoles UI 9c8578f
    • Created network reader/writer for Planet class f7e6cb6
    • Networked player light to be visible for other players 346a8bc
    • Improvement: Research logic 3cae3dc
    • Fixe target to send network response (targetRpc, using target/sender) 109cf19
    • Fixed issue passing sector bounds as Player in Spaceship adb8773
    • Fixe research key with space can cause isssue. Definitively fixed 09a854c
    • Improve galaxy map workers limit by quality level 55e8f17
    • Fixed player minimap not working 5dcd136
    • Fixe entity rotate animation ae88396
    • Fixed passing sector bound with spaceship 123d5f8
    • Add galaxy map movement with arrow keys. Can multiply by 10 with leftShift, by 100 with leftCtrl, by 1000 with leftShift + leftCtrl c0cd468
    • Changed player light to Spot light 353e30c
    • Jenkins Discord notifier 2a91014
    • Fixe server crash when can't found BuildingEntity ee6e2dc
    • Small improvement ad253ce
    • Add Spaceship rotate up/down 96cc4ec
    • Add cyan color when set galaxy map destination and green color when add marker from favorite panel 798e2a5
    • Fixe Neo/bug-tracker#5 Can't spawn Textile and Fiber building production d83c88c
    • Fixed: Spaceship: Set crew UP rotation to ship up 96a8cb9
    • forloop improvement ce1637e
    • Order system: move: use old Captain click-to-move logic to do movement 4c6a57f
    • Reworked model accessor for Entities e00df16
    • Fixe and improvement on Stargate aaaed1d
    • WIP reworked db/model accessor 91229db
    • Improved usage of Food building d4c9f7b
    • Small improvement 50ec1ed
    • Reworked Diplomacy model accessor 8586a2d
    • Reworked Entity, Planet, Ship db accessor 356a631
    • Fixed issue and improvement on Meteo system 57e14dc
    • Merge pull request 'Mise à jour de 'Jenkinsfile'' (#50) from thommy-patch-1 into master 664a43e
    • Mise à jour de 'Jenkinsfile' 01fbf43
    • Global improvement ffce4bc
    • Order system: move: use old Captain click-to-move logic to do movement 89ac742

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