1.7.0 - Design Your Ship !

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    Nalem 1 year ago

    Hello players ! 

    Welcome to your Bridge. What is your Order ?

    Make Your Ship

    You can design your own SpaceShip with the Ship Editor available in the Main Menu.

    Ship need some Objects to be fully functionnal like Engines, Consoles, and Door to enter in. You can also place some decorative Props to have a pretty custom SpaceShip.


    The ship need Energy, and for that, he need Uranium. To FullFill your Uranium Tank, you need to be close of a station you own.


    Travel System

    You can travel to other System with Jump or Warp system. You need to place an engine in your ship for that. Make your Choice !


    Weapons and Shield System

    Place Turret on you Space Ship to defend from Ennemies who like to attack you!

    Weapons are usable from the Weapon Console. Also, you can have more defense by adding Shield Generator and Capacitor.

    Space Station

    The Outpost has changed in this version. Now you can enter in like a Spaceship, and you can Build your ships from it ! You need now to research it.

    You can always claim a System with the Outpost.


    Sun Damage

    Sun's now causes damages to all entities if it too close.


    Player Change

    We have changed player physic to be more flexible, and fixed a bug that cause player flying some time on planets.


    Rebalanced Researchs and Improvements

    We have completly review all Research cost and time to be more logic.

    Also, make some very nice improvements to the game to reduce lag.



    Also, added a new Camera First Person View when pressing BACKSPACE Key.

    In system, you can switch from Rocket / Character view with "F" Key.


    Thank you for reading and see you for the next update !


    Nalem :)


    Full Changelog

    Added Ship Editor

    Added Space Ship

    -- Added Navigation, Enginer, Weapons Console

    Added Warp and Jump System

    Added Weapons props

    Added Weapons and Shield system

    Added some props in ship editor

    Added First Camera (Switch view with "BACKSPACE" key)

    Added Enter/Exit Rocket with "F" Key (In Solar System)

    Added Save local position when controlling an entity to respawn in interior (to respawn in spaceship if it move)

    Added Space Station Research

    Added Sun causing Damage to entities

    Added new Outpost system replacing the old one.

    -- This Outpost permit now to claim system, and make SpaceShip. This is a Space Station where you can enter in. Is like a Spaceship, but without the possibility to move.

    Added Jump key in Settings menu

    Added missing Icon for Uranium

    Improved Movement sync of entities from server to client

    Improved player save performance 

    Improved Entities/Player collision handling

    Improved Ressources update performance

    Rebalanced Researchs Time/Cost

    Reduced move speed with the Rocket

    Fixed some Ressources are lost (or not earn) when offline on next login

    Fixed player flying some time on Planets

    Fixed Player jump when pressing rotate left key

    Fixed some key cannot be defined in settings

    Fixed Entity Health Bar

    Fixed player settings

    Fixed scale of player character model

    Fixed player die for no reason some time

    Fixed: Do not save player if it is not ready to spawn (causing to respawning in wrong position)

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    Yevons 1 year ago

    Great ! :D

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