1.8.0 - Personnal Weapon

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    Nalem 1 year ago

    Hello, Happy to see you Here ! 

    Ready ? Go !


    New Ennemies

    We added new NPC that can spawn on all planets to attack your civilieation (or all other NPC)

    Two Allien race that live for one reason, explore and kill other races.


    Player Change

    I have worked on some aspect of the player, first the Cameria views.

    Now, in first person view, you can lock/unlock the Cursori with the Right clic. 

    Also, you can now rotate the first camera with your mouse !


    I have reworked on the aspect on the Player, I let you see that in-game !

    A new player model is now affected !


    Inventory / Slotbar System

    I have worked on an aspect of the game, the Inventory / Slotbar.

    You have now a simple slotbar that can have some items in there.

    For now, you have only a Pistol by default, we have to work on adding new items for the next!

    Also, in the future we want to add a Craft system to make Items.


    Player Weapon 

    You now have a Pistol by default in your Slotbar. You can shoot ennemies with Left Click when selecting the Pistol in your Slotbar.


    Thanks for reading!

    I have also make some fixes and improvement, you can read full changelog here.


    Have a good day !








    Full Changelog

    + Added two Allien that can spawn on planets.

    + Added new player model

    + Added Inventory / Slot Bar system

    + Added Player Weapon System (Pistol)

    + Added lock cursor in First person view

    + Added Switch cursor lock with Right click in First Person view

    + Added Camera rotation with Mouse in First Person view

    + Added new Design for the Outpost (by Yevons, thanks!)

    + Added Units can now attack Players

    + Saved preference when swiching First or Thirst view on next login

    * Improved Units synchronisation

    * Improved lag caused by ressources update

    * Improved ressources count (1000 = 1K, 1 000 000 = 1M)

    * Fixed Jumping in first person view don't jump the camera

    * Fixed Orbital Military Center not visible after researched

    * Fixed error 'MySQL Connection String is Empty" Client-Side

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    Yevons 1 year ago

    Nice :) 

    Yes to me the conquest of space !!

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