NEO 0.20.0 - Playable game is Here! Very Somesss new Features!

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    Nalem 2 years ago

    Hi player, I'm very happy to see you here :D

    We have added somes new content to the game, and is now playable for some days!

    New pretty UI & More

    Wa have completely moved to a new UI who is so cool!


    Also, added a Settings menu to set resolution, language, keys...

    Research/Build Menu

    Added Time remaining to Research UI (days, hours...)

    Added Categories to Research UI to order all Researchs like the Build menu before, and all Researchs have been reordered in a logic order. Also added new categories to fit our needs.

    You can now filter research items/buildable items by Era type (medieval,modern,spatial)


    Added some new units, and more...

    New Navigation system, so now all units can move correctly!

    Also, we have added new Units, Aircraft Fighter, Aircraft Silent, Military Van, Military Truck, and a Military Tank! :D

    All available from new Buildings (see after)

    New Researchs and Buildings

    Ready ? Go!


    Learn Solar Electric Center, StarGate, Iron House, Stone House, Studio Appartment, Oil, Modern buildings... I can't list all here! You can see in the bottom in the Full Devlog :-)

    Hu.. What?! Nuclear Reactor ? Mhh...


    Also, some buildings added! See in the full changelog.

    I can say, Aircraft, houses, modern buildings, mines, generators...

    New Ressources

    We have added new ressources ti fit with our new Buildings/Ressearchs.

    • Water

    • Oil

    • Coal

    • Uranium

    • Research Point

    • ...

    Texture Update

    All texture in-game have been remade by my brother (cc Yevons), Thank you to it! Also some new textures for all new buildings/units!

    You can see all in the full changelog.

    Its all!

    I'm very happy to said you that the game is realy now Fully playable from the Medieval to the Modern age, with lot of features present!

    What do you wait ? Join us NOW!

    Thanks for reading,


    Full Changelog

    + Completely new game UI

    + Added Settings Menu

    + Added time remaining to Research

    + Added Category to Research Menu

    + Added Era Filter to Research Menu / Build Menu

    + Sorted researchs order more logicly

    + New Units Navigation System

    + Stargate Electricity price is now == Distance of the planet

    + Added new resource "Research Point"

    + Laboratory now earn Research Point

    + Added new resource Water

    + Houses now consume Water

    + Added research Solar Electric Center

    + Added research StarGate

    + Added research Stone House

    + Added research Iron House

    + Added research Studio Appartment

    + Added research Oil

    + Added research for the Research Center building

    + Added Building/Research Luxuary Appartment

    + Added Building/Research Big Tower

    + Added Building/Research Water Tower

    + Added Building/Research Oil Extractor

    + Added Building/Research Electric Oil Generator

    + Added Building/Research Water Extractor

    + Added Building/Research Mine Coal

    + Added Building/Research Electric Coal Generator

    + Added Building/Research Wind Turbine

    + Added Building/Research Modern Stone Mine

    + Added Building/Research Modern Iron Mine

    + Added Building/Research Modern Woodcutter

    + Added Building/Research Farm Dom

    + Added Building/Research Military School

    + Added Building/Research Earth Military Center

    + Added Building/Research Air Military Center

    + Added Building/Research Orbital Military Center

    + Added vehicle unit Military Van, Military Truck, Military Tank

    + Added aircraft unit Aircraft Fighter, Aircraft Silent

    + Some grounds now need certain Phase research (medieval/modern)

    + New texture for Wood House

    + New texture for Stone House

    + New texture for Iron House

    + New texture for Church

    + New texture for Barrack

    + New texture for Mine

    + New texture for StarGate

    + Changed Stargate Range of Teleportation for Units from 10 to 3

    + Added Human readable time to learn a research

    * Fixe ressources continue to be lost when no Citizen available for a job

    * Fixe ressources continue to be earned from building that has not enough ressources to be active

    * Fixe Wormhole anim not played on Linux

    * Fixe Units don't attack ennemies in somes cases

    * Fixe Building Health value not rounded

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