NEO 0.7.0 - Now in English !

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    Nalem 3 years ago

    Bah oui, faut bien que je commence à m’habituer ! Et toi aussi Johnny !


    • +Now you can see a progress bar on the loading screen and on map loading

    • *Fixed small bugs with the Minimap.

    • +Added the player position on the Minimap.

    • *Fixed a crash with REMOTE call of the client version

    • *Now the distance to build a building is dynamic, based on the sprite size

    • +Added a menu popup when you click on a building (with basic info, for now)

      • This popup also show the time left to be build

    • +Added tint indication to known if building is builded (black=not builded)

    Thank you to all players who have reported bugs about the last release.
    Mostly the ‘Johnny’ group . Hrum.

    Good game, with our contents unplayable for now.
    More seriously, the next update will be oriented on the Gameplay ! :D

    Thanks for playing StarMade
    ~The Schine team

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