NEO 0.8.0 - First Gameplay features !

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    Nalem 3 years ago

    Hi, it’s the time to update !

    I have added the first step to put the GamePlay in the game !
    You can now win Woods resources with the Herbary building, and you don’t need to be in-game. Enjoy ;-)

    You can already read all buildings description to know who does what in the future :)

    All planets are been reset for this update.
    Here is the full changelog:


    • +Added a Skybox

    • +The Herbary building serve now to win resources every 13 minutes.

      • A turn is make every 13 minutes to give 50 resources per Herbary to the planet owner.

    • +Adding description to all buildings

    • +Setted the price of all buildings

    • *It is no longer possible to build out of the map (Thanks Nohtica :) )

    • *Fixed: On the first login, when the server make our first planet, we need to restart the game to it work.

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