NEO 1.0.0 ALPHA Now in 3D

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    Nalem 2 years ago

    Hey, the game make a new turn !



    We have completly moved from 2.5D RTS view to 3D first-person / RTS view !

    Now, you can play a character, custom its skin and build your civilization on top view !

    Some changes has been made to the game. 



    New UI

    Completly done a new beautifull UI and changed in-game main bar menu to new style left-radial.



    Added Minimap

    Explore your new Planet with your characrer, and get help with the Minimap to explore !



    New Low-Poly Style

    The game style has been completly re-done. Now,  all planets, and your character are low-poly style.



    Some fixes

    Also, some fixes has been made to the game logic, research, build...



    We can't list all features that have changed/evolued and/or replaced. Play the Game :-)

    Thanks for Reading,


  • Y
    Yevons 2 years ago

    oui !

    En 3D sa c'est TOP !!!

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