Neo 1.2.0 - Immigration, Mood & Homeless

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    Nalem 2 years ago

    Hi Player !

    Little improvement to the game. Added Mood system and Homeless management.



    Now, your citizens are not intstantly in your city when you place a building.

    Citizen immigrate to your city randmly relative to your mood. You can increase the speed of immigration with a new Research.



    The mood is defined to 90, and some buildings increase/decrease it.

    A mine decrease it to -2. A church increase it to +20.


    When your mood is too low, you can have some Malus.

    - If your mood < 50, your Earn Resources Bonus is decreased to -20%.

    - If your mood = 100, your Earn Resources Bonus is increased by 10%

    - If your mood = 0, you can have Citizens who left your city.



    You can now have Homeless citizen, when you don"t have enough House.

    Warning if Homeless is too high, you can have some malus due to too low Mood.

    Unemployment can cause the same malus.



    Added some tooltip on the UI.


    Small changes

    Decreased some Research time (modern age, stargate tech) and changed required research for Stargate Tech


    Small fixes

    Fixe inverted camera rotation

    Fixe: Mouse not released when redirected from game to main menu

    Fixe skin customization UI not showing 

    Added missing translations

    Fixe jobs used

    Fixe tooltip show issue on Building UI

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