NEO 1.3.0 - Dynamic climate, New Planets & Events

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    Nalem 2 years ago

    Hi players, so excited to announce this Update !

    Let's Go!


    New Planets Type

    I have added some new planets type. Now, you can explore different planet.

    All planets had its own vegetation.

    - Rock

    - Ice

    - Habitable

    - Desert

    - Voclanic


    Dynamic Climate

    Yesss! Now, the climate of your planet is dynamic, and depend of its pollution.

    Some buildings cause pollution, and other decrease it.


    When playing, the pollution is dynamically updated, and affect the atmosphere.

    Is your atmosphere is too low, your climate is getting colder.

    Also, if your atmospjere is too high, your climate is heating up.


    When this happen, your planet type can change, and all the environment is imediatly updated.

    Be careful, an inhabitable type can cause somme effect. Bonus, or Malus...



    Pollution is affected by your action on the planet, and can be monitored with the Meteorolohic Center.

    Pay attention to your action in the game! But no panic, the pollution is only updated when a player is really playing the game. It is not simulated offline like your ressources earning.


    Meteorologic Center

    This building can be researched, and permit to monitor the climate of your planet.

    Also, you can monitor events, and get some infos on these. Events can"t appear while you do not have this building.


    Planet Events

    Yessss, its new!

    - On Rock and Volcanic planet, all units not adapted will be dead.

    - On Ice planet, Grounds Units are slow, but Nuclear Generation is increased.

    - On Desert type, your Water consumption is higher, but your Solar generation is increased.

    Also, Habitable planet can have 2 events that appear some time.

    - Pollen event: Mood is reduced, but Food production is increased for10 minutes.

    - Storm event: Air Units is slowed, but Wind Generator production is increased.


    Its all! Thanks for reading! :-)




    Fixed tooltip showing issue

    Fixed player skin not saved

    Fixed a bug that can appear when freezing, on click on a building in the menu to place it, it is be placed directly.

    Other small fixes.


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    Yevons 2 years ago

    yes ! Verry good update :D

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