NEO 1.4.0 - Visual effects, All Units Model & Fixes

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    Nalem 2 years ago

    [Update 1.4.1]

    *Fixed effects causing freeze on loading

    +Added Rain and Leaves effect for event Storm and Pollen (habitable planets)


    Hello player :-)

    Here is a small update, but nice for your eyes!


    Placing building on planets now Flatten it under the object.

    Warning, this can cause some visual bugs on already placed building.

    You can replace it if you like.


    Visual Effect on Planets

    Added some Environment effect on planet dependant of the planet type.

    Blizard, Desert dust, Cloud, Fire...

    Also, Smoke effect added to some Building. I let you see that in-game!


    New Models for Units

    All units has been updated to have nice new low-poly model.

    We have also added new units, Air Transport and a Soldier.


    Thanks for reading, see you soon ;-)




    Fixed building menu not showing ressources earned on tooltip

    Fixed tooltip not showing on the Meteorology Center

    Added tooltip to Researchs to get more info

    Other small fixes

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