NEO 1.5.0 Animals, Game Menu and Fixes

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    Nalem 2 years ago

    Hi players !


    In this update, We have worked on Animals to populate all planets and make a round fixes.

    Thanks for reports!


    Added Animals

    Now, animals can spawn on your planets, you can kill it if you like... Some animals spawn on type habitable, other on Desert... etc

    Added Wolf, Bear, Cow, Crocodile, Deer, Elephant, Girafe, Gorilla, Horse, Penguin, Rabbit, Seagul, Snake, Spider



    Now, when you learn the Modern Age, you can make 2 Research in the same time.


    Menu / UI

    Now, you can  press Enter on login UI to login,

    Added new setting to the Menu to set the Music Volume.

    Also, added new Music to the main menu.

    This is not all. Now, you can access Menu and Settingss directly In-Game. Press Escape key!

    Also, other small fixes on Tooltip, and others UI...


    Thanks for reading, you can see all Fixes above.

    See you Soon !



    Full Changelog

    Added animal Wolf, Bear, Cow, Crocodile, Deer, Elephant, Girafe, Gorilla, Horse, Penguin, Rabbit, Seagul, Snake, Spider

    Animals can spawn on planets and attack players

    Added Login on Submit Enter

    Improved entities netowork sync

    Added Killing of units under map

    Added message that indicate "Techonology not researched" on the Stargate menu

    Added Stargate Electricity cost/s on the menu

    Added Ressoruces earn/hours on the Top Left UI bar

    Added 2 Reseearchs can be run at a time with the Modern Age

    Added new Music to Main Menu

    Added Setting Music Volume

    Added In-Game Menu and Settings

    Fixed Clouds not spawned

    Fixed effect play before game ready

    Fixed units image preview not shown

    Fixed bug that cause player to die by falling

    Fixed terrain fit building position broken in 1.4.1

    Fixed navigation surface for units not fit terrain height

    Fixed bug that cause ressources lost on login (the simulated diff earn don't give ressources that need a base research)

    Fixed stargate electricity usage

    Fixed Oil Ressources not shown when unlocked

    Fixed my planet coords not shown on Stargate menu

    Some fixes on Units movement

    Fixed Settings not saved correctly

    Fixed research time in tooltip incorrect for searching level more than one

    Fixed some Jump bug

    Fixed small UI bugs

    Fixed bugs with bonus/malus percent

    Some improvements

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