Neo 1.6.0 - Space Age Available!

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    Nalem 1 year ago

    Hi players ! Happy to see you Here!

    The Space Update has been crop in 2 updates. The main update is now available here, and the second part, based on Space Ships will be released soon.


    Sorry for the time for this update, but I have to make some changes in the game for the next ;)


    Space Age

    You can now learn some research to quit your Planet and explore your Solar System!

    You need to build on your planet a Orbital Military Center to go.


    Traveling to your System permit you to build some new buildings.

    From it, you can also Enter in other planets of the System, with your simple Rocket.


    Claim and Rename Planets and Systems

    You can now claim a planet or a system to prevent other players to build on it!

    On planet, use the Flag and use the Station in your System.

    With this building, you can also rename your planet or your system!


    Player Camera

    We added a new Camera system for players. This has been requested.

    Now, you have a simple Thirst person camera, with rotation and zoom. Enjoy!


    AI Units/Animals

    We have added new units Ships in Space age.

    Also, fixed all known bugs with AI Units and Animals.


    To fit with our needs, we are completly modified the AI Movement system, now it is more logic and dynamic to be compatible for Planets and Systems.

    This feature also reducced the Loading time of planets.


    Improved Selection box by dragging mouse to select entities, and improved "selected" effect.


    Game-Website Link

    Now, Game Datas and Website is linked. If you need to change your in-game password, you need to change it on the website. Also, to register new account, users need ti register on the website and use it Website account in the game.


    In have completly migrated the game to a new Database to implement that functionnality and improve game performance. I add some features in the website to have information about the game soon.



    Improved planets effects to follow the player and not the camera.


    Galaxy Map

    You can now see all systems available and see informations about it by opening the GalaxyMap!

    This feature require the Space Age research.


    Thank your very much for following!

    See you soon ;-)




    Fixed bug that cause player to be stuck at loading screen

    Fixed bugs with Spawn/Respawn

    Fixed bugs with Animals

    Fixed bugs with Units

    Fixed bugs on dragging mouse to select entities

    Fixed Clouds are visible on the Minimap

    Fixed Can't use the Stargate

    Fixed Stargate use more electricity that need

    Other small fixes and Improvements.

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