Medieval Age

Build your kingdom, prosper by gathering resources and start research to evolve!


Modern Age

Build your city, keep it safe by leading your army with an iron fist and prepare for great discoveries


Space Age

A whole universe opens up to you, build your empire, create fleets, use diplomatie to settle conflicts, engage in trade or make war to dominate!


Advanced Age

Discover new technologies and take your place in history.

Stargate Explore other worlds!

Take the Stargate, discover new planets and other civilizations or get artifacts that can propel you scientifically and secure the door to your world against an invasion!


Make your Character and Evolve your Skills

Choose your diet, gain experience and enjoy a variety of bonuses for your character with some evolutionary malus.


Dynamic Universe Affect It.

Explore a randomly generated Universe, discover planets with harsh climatic conditions, terraform to improve living conditions, and beware of the pollution that will impact your world.